Impact Resistant Gloves

In 2016 the EN388 Standard included impact testing. Although the EN 388 testing method is similar to the American ISEA testing, the testing areas and and scoring are different. EN388 only tests the impact on the knuckles and the test either is PASS or FAIL. The American ISEA138 tests two areas, the knuckles and and […]

Cut Resistant Hand Protection

In 2016 new Cut Resistant Standards were introduced to align the American and European systems. and to account for the recent advances in cut resistant yarns. Both the American and European test methods use the same test machine. The EN388:2016 standard required that EN ISO 13997 must be referenced on the EN388 score.

Chemical Hand Protection

Chemical Protection Gloves Selection.     General Before selecting any PPE, a basic assessment must be made to identify and evaluate the risk. Where possible the risk must be reduced or eliminated by a modification of workplace practice. This option is always preferred to the use of PPE. The employer must inform his workers of […]