Selecting the Right Disposable Coverall

There are many different disposable coveralls to choose from, so it’s difficult to decide which one to select, which coveralls conform with your prescribed standards and which offer the level of occupational safety needed for the work you do? A number of aspects play an important role when choosing the perfect protective clothing: fit, wearer […]

Chemical Repellant Workwear

LIQUID CHEMICAL REPELLANT  WORKWEAR. We would like to clarify what is Liquid Chemical Repellant Workwear and clear up what is happening in the market.   Objective of Liquid Chemical Repellant:   To render a fabric or material resistant to specific liquid chemicals. The objective is to prevent liquid chemical spillages from penetrating through the fabric […]

Chemical Hand Protection

Chemical Protection Gloves Selection.     General Before selecting any PPE, a basic assessment must be made to identify and evaluate the risk. Where possible the risk must be reduced or eliminated by a modification of workplace practice. This option is always preferred to the use of PPE. The employer must inform his workers of […]