Selecting the Right Disposable Coverall

There are many different disposable coveralls to choose from, so it’s difficult to decide which one to select, which coveralls conform with your prescribed standards and which offer the level of occupational safety needed for the work you do? A number of aspects play an important role when choosing the perfect protective clothing: fit, wearer […]

Hi-Vis Clothing and Workwear

HI-VIS WARNING GARMENTS are Tested in accordance with the European directive for PPE (89/686/EEC) for intermediate design, and tested to EN471:2003 for high visibility. Description: High visibility warning clothing aimed to signal the presence of the wearer visually in daylight as well as under illumination by lights at night. Specifications: High visibility clothing is categorised […]

Alcohol Testing

Alcohol tests for increased safety Alcohol is one of the most common causes of accidents – both on the road and in the workplace. The Dräger Alcotest 6820 enables you to increase general safety, and help prevent personal injury, material damage, and even the loss of public image that can result from alcohol consumption. Very […]

Personalised Hearing Protection

Quipco is the Botswana Agent for H.A.S.S. Personalised Hearing Protection. We have the equipment and trained staff to measure your ears for the Noise-Ban ear plugs. We will travel throughout Botswana to do the measuring and fitting of your ear protection.

Impact Resistant Gloves

In 2016 the EN388 Standard included impact testing. Although the EN 388 testing method is similar to the American ISEA testing, the testing areas and and scoring are different. EN388 only tests the impact on the knuckles and the test either is PASS or FAIL. The American ISEA138 tests two areas, the knuckles and and […]

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Quipco Botswana is a Botswana Bureau of Standards Registered  Fire Extinguisher Service Centre. We Service, repair and refill Stored Pressure Fire Extinguishers at our Francistown Premises. Each Fire Extinguisher is numbered and a Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Record Document is produced for every Fire Extinguisher. A Service sticker is attached to the Fire Extinguisher. All our […]

Cut Resistant Hand Protection

In 2016 new Cut Resistant Standards were introduced to align the American and European systems. and to account for the recent advances in cut resistant yarns. Both the American and European test methods use the same test machine. The EN388:2016 standard required that EN ISO 13997 must be referenced on the EN388 score.

How to check if your Mask / Respirator is genuine

                                      The difference between Masks and Respirators We clarify the technical difference between a MASK and RESPIRATOR.  We commonly call Respirators Dust Masks or Masks. Masks are loose fitting covering the nose and mouth designed for one […]

Chemical Repellant Workwear

LIQUID CHEMICAL REPELLANT  WORKWEAR. We would like to clarify what is Liquid Chemical Repellant Workwear and clear up what is happening in the market.   Objective of Liquid Chemical Repellant:   To render a fabric or material resistant to specific liquid chemicals. The objective is to prevent liquid chemical spillages from penetrating through the fabric […]